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Baby Cradle by Robin VanHoozer

5" cardboard circle
6" doily cutter
4 ½" candy egg mold (Wilton #2114-1215)
1 cup granulated sugar
2 tsp. Water
royal icing
gum glue
contact paper
vinyl tape
Garrett frill cutter
petal dust (pale pink or blue)
pearl maker (4 mm)
lace mold of choice
textured roller of choice
small decorations as desired
teddy bear embosser
tiny teardrop cutter

Sugar molded egg for cradle base
Place granulated sugar in a mixing bowl. Mix in water and knead well until well blended and the mixture packs like wet sand.
Pack the sugar mixture firmly in the bottom piece of the 2-part egg mold. Scrape excess sugar off the top with a spatula held at a 45 degree angle.
Invert onto a flat pan and unmold. Let dry for 2 hours, or until the outside has dried hard enough to form a shell.
Carefully hold the egg in your hand and remove the soft sugar mixture with a spoon, leaving a ¼" shell. Allow to dry overnight.

Make the cradle hood
Roll out a piece of gumpaste thinly. Give it some texture using a textured rolling pin or press into a lace impression mat.
Dust the top piece of the 2-part egg mold set with cornstarch. Drape the textured gumpaste over the outside of the egg mold and trim straight across approximately 1 ½" up from the wide end of the egg.
Trim around the edges neatly and allow the hood to dry overnight.

Mattress top
Roll out a piece of gumpaste thinly. Texture with a roller and cut out an egg shape using the bottom piece of the egg mold set. Allow this piece to dry flat.

Prepare the doily
Cover the 5" cardboard circle on both sides with contact paper. Finish edge with vinyl tape.
Roll out a thin piece of gumpaste and cut with the doily cutter. Ruffle the edges to give it some flounce and movement. Cut out small eyelets with a tear drop shaped cutter, and embellish as desired with teddy bear embossers.
Attach doily to cardboard circle with a little royal icing in the center. Allow doily to dry overnight.
Dust with color using a flat brush, pulling petal dust inward from edge.

Assemble the cradle
Attach the mattress top to the sugar egg base with royal icing. Attach the hood to the cradle base with royal icing. Pipe a bead of icing on the inside of the hood where it meets the mattress top for added strength.
Trim the cradle hood and base with ruffles made using a Garrett frill cutter, attaching them with gum glue.
Finish the edges with 4mm pearl strands attaching them with gum glue.

Finishing touches
Attach the cradle to the center of the doily with royal icing. Add some finishing touches such as a pillow, a stack of baby blocks, a rattle and a bottle.
Apply super pearl dust for shimmer.